The walls

The eastern wall of the Upper Town dominates in parallel to Elenis Zografou Street (a continuation of Ethnikis Amynis Street to the north), and thanks to the comfortable landscaped sidewalk, visitors can admire it going uphill. On this occasion, they can see, opposite to Georgios Genimatas hospital, the inscription of the wall construction supervisor (rule of Emperor Theodosius (4th c.) General Hormisdas, who was of Persian origin. The inscription refers to the strength of the walls and the slaughter of Theodosius, from which Hormisdas takes a differentiating stand: "…τείχεσιν αρρήκτοις Ορμίσδας εξετέλεσε τηνδε πόλι(ν) μεγάλην χείρας έχων καθαράς" (he built impregnable walls ... having his hands clean). At the end of this walk to Ano Poli, you come upon the walls again on Eptapyrgiou Street, where stands the Portara gate that leads out of them on their north side.