Natural Ingredients

In Blé we see natural ingredients like precious stones and metals. There are everywhere in the world, others more rare and scarce and others right next to us and in good quantity. You just have to know how to choose them, work them right, put them together, and create with their texture and strength. 

Natural materials, to become jewels of value, need art. We travel all over Greece and everywhere in the world to find and choose the best. We insist on the pure and the fresh to bring all their strength to our recipes. And we draw on the wisdom of tradition. From the Recco Commune near Genoa for our fokates and Sfakia, Crete, for our Cretan, to Dusseldorf, Munich and Hamburg for bread.

And so, starting from the simple and natural, we create small everyday delicious jewels that do not need preservatives, artificial dyes or aromas. Enjoy them.