That smell of fresh Bread!

Good bread needs time. Plenty of time. Art too.

Good bread needs time. Plenty of time. Art too. It starts with singling out the flour of choice - wheat, barley, whole grain groats, rye and double-grained wheat. Using natural processes we cultivate sourdough from herbs yoghurt, fruit or must for all our breads. The dough is kneaded and we give it plenty of time to mature before baking it in a stone or wood oven. We hurry not! Neither do we use additives. The result is a thick, fragrant crown, full of crumbs and it keeps for days.

If you love bread, forget about ready mixes, fatteners, raising agents and additives. Forget those who tell you bread is fattening and instead feel free to see how different breads go with various occasions. What about trying Roasse with a stew and, or on the breakfast table, cut Muesli Brot into thin slices with its dried nuts, dried apricots, plums, raisins and sprinkled crust with groats rye and wheat.

Real bread is always worth it.