The stars of the show!

Whatever you choose, Blé's Christmas melomakarona honey sweets have been the stars of the city's festivities for years. Authentic melomakarona means: made one by one, by hand, dipped in our excellent thyme honey and sage honey from Halkidiki. Filled with rich nutshells. 
In the above, add melomakarona:
- covered with genuine Belgian chocolate / or milk chocolate / or with espresso coffee beans and / or chestnut glazed
- richly stuffed with nuts and raisins dipped in white rum, dipped in authentic Belgian chocolate
- richly stuffed with nuts, covered with authentic Belgian chocolate and / or with pink Madagascar pepper  / or with grapefruit seeds
- Dinkel flour (no sugar), extra virgin olive oil, nut, roasted sesame seeds, isomaltose and minimal honey