2019 Vasilopites - New Year's Sweetbread Cake

Vassilopita Tsoureki - New Year's Sweetbread Cake - (small & large.) Made with honey from Halkidiki, fresh Greek butter and velvety texture, due to the excellent natural dough cultivated especially for our tsoureki, which undergoes a special month-long process. 

Filled Vassilopita (small & large). Coated with Belgian chocolate (with 63% cocoa paste, or milk or white). Filled with chestnut cream with chestnut pieces, or Belgian chocolate cream with 63% cocoa paste, or Belgian chocolate cream with hazelnut spread and more.

Vassilopita Deluxe The great ... stars of this year's festivals inspired by our chef pâtissier. With original and impressive chocolate sculptures, they are a true ornament for the New Year's Eve table.