Blé loves art

For years Blé has been a place where art and taste meet, both in the art of tasting pleasure and the enjoyment of artistic creation.

Our premises offers real architectural grandeur, grazie mille, Claudio! Our interior seasonal designer weaves his art around our seasonal creations to blend the one into the other! Merci, Marios Terriade! In gastronomy, image is bound with taste. We will always remember you beloved Mino!

In the fine arts we also include the excellent work of bakers, cooks and confectioners as well as our associates. They have all played a role in molding the Blé experience. Our thanks to the  Cob Group for the literally top-drawer wood oven made from clay and straw. Our thanks to Colibri for their distinctive work on building our brand.

Our thanks to those and so many others who with their art make Blé an attraction for the young and older residents and visitors to the city who see us as a "must do" in Thessaloniki.