Blé in the city. In the good times and in difficulty.

Blé has been living and breathing in the city for 10 years, along with its people, in their plenty and their hardship. We are part of the life of the people that take a stroll on the beautiful pedestrian street outside our doors, whether they eat from us or not. We've never been the cheapest place to eat because we do not think we offer anything worth while if we feed you with mediocrity. And at this point we say, if someone wants to eat, they won't need to miss out on a confectionery masterpiece.

So we are picky, like you are when you choose the taste you want, or the movie or music you like. But, like most Greeks, we are also present wherever needed. Every day we replace hundreds of kilograms of food with fresh produce, but never throw food away. Never. We make sure it gets where it is needed.

That's why Blé's social responsibility is only known about by those who need real help. Contact us where you think we can help. The nicer we make our purchasable products, the more substantial the care for what is not bought.