This is Blé

We travel in Greece and go abroad, through cities and villages, seeking and collecting authentic flavours and recipes that reflect the tradition of each place. We combine these recipes, with the very best ingredients. Simplicity enchants us, truly, like wheat, which the French call "Blé." And so we create top choice flavours in a holistic concept of bread, sweets, food, coffee and drink, 24 hours a day, in a city that wants to stand out.

"Blé" means stories of everyday pleasure. Just be careful! Daily pleasure is one thing and daily routine, repetition, habit and stagnation another. If life is about the daily grind it induces boredom and produces a bland, forgettable taste. This is the exact opposite of what we are about!

At Blé every day can be special. Sometimes because we're celebrating something. Sometimes because the season is changing. Sometimes because art fashions are changing and what was modern yesterday has become out-dated today. Live life to the full every day with us at Blé. Not even a smile is the same one day to the next.