Christollen a la Blé

Christollen a la Blé

Full, rich, wet, sugar-light dough & marzipan, fresh butter almonds, raisins, rum & orange cubes. Mmmm ...
βροχή αστεριών αρχικη νεα

Star shower!

Precious and delicious jewels to enjoy and share with your friends.
κουραμπιεδες με αεροπλανάκι

Happy landings!

Delicious kurabiedes ... land in front of Blé's festive shop windows. So fluffy they melt in your mouth!
on the road 1

Οn the road again

We are not going to sit ... still. Again we have taken to the streets! We serve selected Blé tastes in the little wooden canteen that we've set up in Agia Sophia's Pedestrian Street.

The stars of the show!

For years now Blé's melomakarona (Christmas honey sweets) make you wish it was Christmas all year round!
συσκευασίες χριστουγεννων

Festive packaging

For days now, we are preparing special holiday gift packages. With imagination and inventiveness we combine stylish materials and excellent flavours.

Panettone by Blé

If you like tsoureki, you really need to try “Kipselenia”, Panettone by Blé!