The New Sea Front

An amazing esplanade stretches out from the statue of Alexander the Great towards the Thessaloniki Music Hall. Thousands of square meters for recreation, walking, cycling, sports, all year round. And, moreover, the wonderful thematic parks of Music, Water, Memory, Roses, Sound ... From 2013 onwards, Thessaloniki has acquired an impressive public space near Thermaikos which offers unique images during sunset.
This citizen-oriented design that improved daily city life was created by architects Prodromos Nikiforidis and Bernard Cuomo. As they note: "In the New Waterfront of Thessalniki we have distinguished two important features: the linear path and the green rooms, which define our study. Iti is a linear place with relatively limited depth and big length, a fact that gives it the characteristics of a front, of a thin layer, inserted on the difficult and challenging limit between land and sea, between natural and constructed landscape. The sea background of the gulf of Thessaloniki, constitutes an amazing scenery, where the ephemeral and mutable elements, create a different atmosphere each time”.
The design of the New Waterfront walkway has won numerous Greek and international awards in architectural competitions.
Every day it is packed with locals and visitors. One of the most popular points is the Umbrellas installation by Yorgos Zongolopoulos. There are also kiosks offering street food and boats to take a tour around the harbor.