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If pleasure isn't sin, sweets aren't temptation!

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Attractions. Secrets. Walks. Monuments and museums. Festivals and exhibitions. Walks.

We want to show you Thessaloniki as we see it. In the Blé travel guide we share our knowledge and experiences with you.

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Half the enjoyment of coffee depends on what you drink.

The other half, where, with whom and with what will accompany it.

Both are pure art.

καφές με το παιδί που τον σερβιρει

24 hours, 7 days, 12 months... Just like life.


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Crown! You do not need to be a grandmother to use anthotyro cheese in fine dough to create one of the incomparable Cretan choice foods, as long as you learn from tradition and use natural materials.

Divine ice cream! Natural, handmade, created only with fresh ingredients and artistry.

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If this is the first time you need catering for the event you're organising, think twice before choosing us, because we will truly spoil you!

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